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Attn: First-time homebuyers!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

If you’re determined to go out and buy a house, get prepared. Start a year in advance, get your foundation set and work from there. Talk to a mortgage broker that you can trust not risk wasting your time and money. Determine your monthly financial comfort zone? Get with a Realtor and learn about closing costs. Find out what your credit files say with a free annual credit report. Get your financial documents ready ie: two years tax return, w-2’s, w-9’s, 1099’s, pay stubs, bank statements, etc. It will be easier when the lender starts asking. And, get a pre-qualification letter. You are no alone looking for that perfect house. Don’t be the buyers that are first to find the best house ever and then lose it to someone else because you couldn’t prove your qualifications in time.
Your partner and friend in success,

Broker Joe” Grano, Realtor® 954-931-0031


Credit reporting to be enhanced.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Are you a "revolver" or a "transactor"? TransUnion and Equifax will begin supplying two years’ worth of continuous data on millions of mortgage applicant’s credit management patterns this summer. Have you rolled large monthly balances over on your credit cards? Did you transfer balances from one account to another or surf rates? Do you only make minimum payments? After the end of June traditional credit reports used by mortgage lenders will be able to answer questions like these.

I will be your friend and partner in success.

"Broker Joe" Grano, Realtor(r) | 954-931-0031


Florida is #2 for profit potential from home flipping.

Friday, March 04, 2016

According to RealtyTrac's Year-End and Q4 2015 U.S. Home Flipping Report, Florida trails only Nevada for flipping houses in 2015. In fact, flipping increased overall nationwide. A house is considered flipped if it changes hands a second time within a 12-month’s. In 2015, both new and experienced investors competed over fewer handyman house and condo opportunities and market time was very short for those that sold. A vigilant Realtor® should have no problem helping you be first at the next bargain property. The Harris Poll reported Florida tops the list again for of most desirable state to live in (Nov 2015). Forbes reported Fort Lauderdale ranked 8th in the nation as Best-Buy markets for 2016 (Jan 2016). Buying or selling real estate well is an art. If you don’t know real estate, know the broker.

I will be your friend and partner in success,

“Broker Joe” Grano, REALTOR® | 954-931-0031


Our place in the sun keeps getting better.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Florida Real Estate Professionals are upbeat and optimistic about home prices. Why wouldn’t we be? Increasingly tight saleable inventory, still low interest rates (hovering under 4%), falling temperatures up north and here were are in paradise. Our place in the sun. A healthy place for a sellers to be.

The median price of all existing homes in August 2015 nearly mirrors July 2006 and home prices will continue to perform from here with a healthy appreciation

Are you thinking of selling? I am a 30 year trained marketer and negotiator. I know how to avoid pitfalls and I can sell your house for more money and in less time than you can. Would you like to talk about fewer headaches, more exposure and more money when selling your property?

I will be your friend and your partner is success.

“Broker Joe” Grano, REALTOR®


Renting is going to cost more.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rental rates increased steadily in 2014 and have continued to do so in 2015 even when analysts didn’t think the trend would continue. As a wave millennials, many with student loans, struggle to save by living at home of with loved ones they hold a goal of homeownership by 2020. In the meantime, builders are constructing more multi-family developments with higher end amenities which will push rates even higher. A perfect storm to keep renters renting as higher rates will make it even harder to save for a down payment on a home.

With interest rates as low as they are, qualified buyers can purchase more real estate than they will when interest rates begin to rise.

Did you know if you have been fortunate enough to stay employed and you have been fiscally responsible in recent years, there are programs to assist you with down payment monies?

I have been selling real estate in South Florida since 1985. I will be your partner and friend in success and I will coach you and your friends or loved-ones to resources that will help you achieve your real estate ownership goals.

If you’re renting, don’t be bashful. Call me. There is a perfect storm brewing to keep you right where you are and I will help you find ways to become a home-owner instead.

“Broker Joe” Grano, REALTOR®


Your property isn’t selling fast enough?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Comparable sales are different than comparable competition on the market. More importantly, Closed Sales in the past 6 months (or a year if necessary) and expired listings that failed to sell within that time will tell the story on values. Buyers are more educated than ever and they know what the valuations are. Do you know what the average market time is for the properties that sold?

When a banker puts an asset on the market to sell, they price is at market value and let multiple buyers push the price up from there – or not. Still the property usually sells. Also, if there are multiple properties on the market for sale to compete with - that limits how far you can press the averages. I recommend a periodic powwow with your team and make certain that every ‘now’ buyer prospect wants to see your house – even if price it the main attraction.

Stale listings aren’t selling for a reason. You might pull down the MLS brochure and put up a new one (with a new number) to help separate yourself from the competition. Buyers can see how long you are on the marketplace and often overlook what has already been overlooked by their own competition.

Typically, if a property isn’t moving here in Florida then either the price or the agency is usually the problem. In Southeast Florida we are experiencing more cash sales than anywhere else in the country. There isn’t much saleable inventory on the market here that doesn’t get sold.

Perhaps more communication with the agent as to values IE: Sold in the past 180 days, Pending, Active and Expired listings (definitely stay below the average expired listing prices), Ask to be kept informed automatically on all MLS status changes within the past 24 hours so that you see something significant even if the agent is so busy that they happen to miss it. Agents are selling a whole lot of properties when customers are often just focused just on the one. Public Open Houses and Broker Open Houses are also helpful for getting the word out for most properties. Engage the agents and determine where advertising may be stronger. Invite them to discuss strategy. Add ‘Great Location’ or ‘Priced to Sell’ and ‘Easy to Show’ to the remarks online. Use more bullets points and not so many long sentences. If the remarks don’t pop then make them pop. Make sure your agent is offering enough $$$ to the other agencies, too.

If you feel the need to call me direct, please don’t hesitate. My goal is to help you sell your own house. I am celebrating my 30th year selling real estate in sunny Fort Lauderdale and Broward County. J

Your partner and friend in success,

"Broker Joe" Grano, REALTOR(r)


So, you are thinking about a Real Estate Investment for rental income?

Friday, August 07, 2015

Residential Income Investment opportunities are fast moving and highly sought after. Our South Florida marketplace is very competitive. I recommend being prepared if you want to participate and succeed in the hunt. Here’s how:

First, have your proof of funds available. POF should be in your name or in your company’s name, but ready just the same. If you are planning to finance then your pre-qualification letter should be in hand. Both POF and PQ should be dated within the past 30 days and kept current. The PQ should be signed by a human being with contact information to reach the signor directly.

Next, a proper search should be set up in the Multiple Listing Service by an experienced Realtor® who knows the area inside out and is willing to work with your goals in mind.

Once you are acquainted with everything that is currently available in your price range you may determine that the property you’re looking for is or isn’t there. If it is there, don’t hesitate. Crunch your numbers. Your Realtor should provide a rental analysis including current rental prices paid, average marketing time and the rate of return you should expect. Don’t forget to factor in your costs for acquisition, carrying costs, taxes, insurance, repairs, real estate commissions, etc. If everything lines up and it is attractive to you then make your move and don’t dally making it because you are not alone considering it. Be prepared to compete with multiple offers. We are seeing price wars all over again on attractive investments.

If a suitable investment isn’t there, then develop a plan of action with your Realtor® for when a possible investment opportunity appears. Keep your POF or PQ current and ready, make sure your search criteria is configured to alert you both via email/text immediately when new listings are placed on the market and remain vigilant.

If you don’t have a Realtor® that you can trust to cover these bases each and every time and you want to save time, money and avoid inconvenience then you are welcome to call me direct for help achieving your Real Estate Goals.

Your friend and partner in success,

“Broker Joe”, Grano, REALTOR®


Luxury NE Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home Under $1m!

Monday, August 03, 2015




Friday, July 24, 2015

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Real Estate and Investment symposium presented at The Pride Center by James Senior of Edward Jones and myself earlier this evening. Your questions and participation were just great! We sure received nice hors d'oeuvres from John Emmet of Stork's Bakery & Coffee House didn't we? Maybe we'll do it all over again in a few months!


Free Real Estate Workshop / July 22, 2015 FTL / Learn to make Informed Real Estate Decisions

Monday, July 13, 2015

Start Building Wealth In Real Estate and Investments
Please come out and join us for light snacks, refreshments and discussion.
Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 at 5:30pm,
2040 North Dixie Hwy. Wilton Manors, Florida 33305 (Front Building)

Finding the Best Values in Real Estate & Investments
Renting versus Owning?
Learn about the Foundations of Building, Diversifying and Protecting Your Assets

At This FREE Event You Will also:
Learn why renting is more expensive than owning.
Learn about the Real Estate buying process.
Learn about finding the right Real Estate for you.
Learn about Real Estate affordability and our basic lending climate.
Learn about Real Estate Closing Costs.

Learn to Save Time, Money and Inconvenience!
Learn about selling your own home.
Learn how to handle Buyer leads.
Learn about advertising your Real Estate.
Learn about Real Estate Marketing Time.
Learn facts about Real Estate Marketing.
Learn about selecting a Real Estate Agent.
Sponsored by your Partners and Friends in Success,

“Broker Joe” Grano, REALTOR®, First Atlantic Realty, Inc.
AND James Senior of Edward Jones Investments


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