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Attn: First-time homebuyers! Attn: First-time homebuyers!

Attn: First-time homebuyers!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

If you’re determined to go out and buy a house, get prepared. Start a year in advance, get your foundation set and work from there. Talk to a mortgage broker that you can trust not risk wasting your time and money. Determine your monthly financial comfort zone? Get with a Realtor and learn about closing costs. Find out what your credit files say with a free annual credit report. Get your financial documents ready ie: two years tax return, w-2’s, w-9’s, 1099’s, pay stubs, bank statements, etc. It will be easier when the lender starts asking. And, get a pre-qualification letter. You are no alone looking for that perfect house. Don’t be the buyers that are first to find the best house ever and then lose it to someone else because you couldn’t prove your qualifications in time.
Your partner and friend in success,

Broker Joe” Grano, Realtor® 954-931-0031

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